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This micro-brewery located in San Luis Obispo in the heart of the California wine district is run by a Braumeister from Germany. Brand design, Platzer BMD

For over a decade we have
provided Leavitt Tube Company
with advertising campaigns,
collateral materials and
Corporate Identity graphics.

From the inception of LEC in 1997 Platzer BMD has provided brand and sub-brand identity programs such as The Brainware Company and Brainware Safari. GUI design, display graphics, packaging and more.

Still under wraps, Platzer BMD went down under late 2011 to work on branding in the entertainment business. Still hush hush but surely you will notice when the gates spring open late 2012.

Your brand is everything, it's your very essence, perceived or factual, it's your aura, personality and reputation. It's not so much what you think it is, it's what everybody else thinks it is.

In all we do, building your brand comes first.

Platzer Brand simplified interdisciplinary chart.

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